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There are lots of emerging startups or businesses & foremost thought arrise in their minds is to introduce service/product to audience & for that marketing is crucial to this process.

Now-a-days there are various ways to do marketing , among them Pay Per Click or PPC is one of the most successful. In this article you’ll study basic knowledge of PPC marketing and how it can broader our client base or multiplication in market reach.


PPC is a way of doing digital marketing where website is made visible over search engine result page(SERP) on every occasion a person type relevant keyword or phrase.

This advertising is very common in SERP like

Google but also extensively utilized on social media.


We’ll understand this through PPC cycle.

Firstly sign up to an advertising account with the platform.

Then select keywords or phrases which are acquainted to your website.

After selecting keywords, create ad including infographics.

 Now, once you are prepared with own ad, set the utmost value you are willing to pay for every click.

Then your ad goes into an auction with other advertisers who are bidding on the same keywords. Auction determines the order in which an Ad is displayed.

 After displaying ad, if someone clicks on it and goes to your website, you pay the search engine.

 Then do analysis, measure returns and improve further.


1) PPC ads are economical.

In such campaigns, you have liberty on disbursement of money. Since, you pay only when person clicks the hyperlink of your website, there are high probability of obtaining conversions eventually you’ll come back on investment.

2) PPC ads produce results at fast pace

Your digital presence organically will take longer to urge on first page of search engine and being at initial stage of startup or business, hardly can’t wait to bring traffic to your website.

Therefore, PPC marketing plays an important role in delivering traffic to your site in less time.

3) PPC can be easily measured and tracked

It enables us to measure and track the returns from the platform and consequently refine the potency and performance of a campaign over time for better returns.

4) By PPC ads, targeting Ideal customers become easy

On the basis of demographics or past online activities, you can target specific people searching services related to your business.

5) There are several ad formats available. Be it a searching ads, shopping one, display ads or video ads or many.

6) SEO strategy is additionally improved by data from PPC ads.

For understanding PPC promoting additional comprehensive be at liberty to contact us.

And if searching to make your website reach many people, you can also do PPC marketing.

We can also assit you in doing so.

Happy marketing!

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